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  1. My Taekwondo Journey

    Bryar Ursery

    My name is Bryar Ursery. I am eleven years old and about to be in the 6th grade at Jackson Technology Center in the MST program. I started Tae Kwon Do when I was seven years old and in the 3rd grade. I learned about tae kwon do from my best friend Koby Doran. He invited me to try martial arts with him one day and I have been going strong at it ever since. I have been giving my best efforts to achieve my goal of a tae kwon do black belt and now my goal is close within my reach. Some of my friends who were supposed to go all the way to black belt with me have since left. I have made many new friends in tae kwon do and we all have bonded over our tae kwon do journey.

    When I started tae kwon do, I did it just for fun. As I got older and higher in rank, I became more serious about it. I believe tae kwon do is getting me ready for life. One thing it has taught me is it made me stop and think about things and how to react. Tae kwon do has helped me with being more confident and to keep me calm in tough situations. Tae kwon do has helped me alot. It has helped me to be focused and develop my strength. It has also helped me to keep a positive attitude. I have mentally and physically benefited from tae kwon do.

    Master Park has always encouraged me to continue on to my black belt. My parents and grandparents have also encouraged me in so many ways. When I wanted to quit or just wanted to do something else to stay home instead of going to class, they would convince me to go. I want to thank all of my instructors and friends for getting me to this point and where I am testing for my black belt. It is an awesome feeling!

  2. Second Dan

    Dylan Forehand

    I first enrolled in Mu Do Martial Arts at eight years old. My family often ate at Babe's Chicken, which was next door to the original location of the Mu Do studio. According to my father, I seemed very interested in the studio. He asked if I would like to try martial arts, and I eagerly said yes.

    I continued to take Taekwondo for two years, during which time the studio moved to the current location. In the fourth grade, at ten years old, I decided I would rather watch TV or play with friends then practice martial arts, and quit.

    Over the next year and a half, I occasionally played other sports that did not take as much time or effort as Taekwondo had, and developed a less active lifestyle than I previously led. I slowly began to notice that I was slower than other kids, and bullied a litle more frequently. After a fight towards the end of fifth grade that I lost fairly badly, I decided I would like to be able to stand up for myself, and have more confidence in myself. Shortly before sixth grade started, I enrolled again at Mu Do Martial Arts.

    The second time around, I enjoyed martial arts much more. I enjoy the discipline it takes to improve, the excitement of learning a new form or kick, and the fun and competition in sparring. Though Mu Do changed ownership while I was a candidate black belt, I stayed with Mu Do, now under Master Park. In 2010 I tested for and received my first dan black belt on one of the proudest days of my life.

    The more time and effort I put into martial arts, the more I grow to love it. Martial arts has become a part of my lifestyle, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I would like to than Master Park and Instructor Daniel for their teaching, and the discipline they have given me. I would like to thank parents for their love and support. I am ready and excited for any new challenges martial arts may present.

  3. Power of Perseverance

    Arthur Roy

    I was fascinated by movie style spinning hook kick and counter block and counter attack of this lightning fast kick. Swept away by studies, careers and family circumstances, I could not fulfill this dream until I was 36. When I felt physically weak, tired and low on stamina & immunity I felt my good old days are over and saw my fascination slowly slipping away. Armed with motivation, perseverance, determination, burning desire and discipline, I decided to get any martial arts training that would keep me physically fit, mentally balanced and boost my confidence level to its highest possible level.

    After taking few Taekwondo classes from Master Lagowski, I felt inspired and motivated to continue since I felt significant slim in my body weight, prolonged attention without any distractions and undisturbed deep sleep. Warm up, Yoga, stretch and cardio workout regimen gave me a pilot physical program that I can do anywhere and anytime and practice for lifelong. When I learnt to use opponent's attacking force against him by deflecting it, I could connect the scientific correlation between martial arts and physics and I realized with little power and using proper technique any physical challenge can be faced one on one and can use opponent's own force to attack him. Different poomse styles taught me different positions of attach with little effort and achieve maximum destruction to opponent. Grand Master James Park's boot camp style exercise made me to feel saltiness of my sweat on my eyes for first time. His perseverance in trying to achieve perfectness n every kick gave a kick in me. I have learnt several self-defense techniques that would help me to face any unexpected challenges. Sparring is an immense real life experience to practically apply different techniques. With balanced diet and intensive exercise regimen at Mu Do I am in a better shape than I want to be.

    I cannot conclude without thanking Master Daniel Lee is teaching me more than 1000 times of each and every kick with patience and every possible example. The patience in getting perfectness out of every individual is a unique capability that I will use on other areas. Achieving black belt is just a beginning of my long journey that I will cherish forever.