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At Last ! My Long Journey Paid Off

Jether Hughes

At Last! My Long Journey Paid Off

              By: J.D. Hughes

My name is Jether Daniel Hughes, for short J.D. I am 8 years old. I started Taekwondo when my parents wanted me to be in a sport where I can defend myself against bullying in the coming years. But every taekwondo studio we had visited said “ I had to be at least four years old”, I was just three years old at that time. I started Taekwondo at Mudo Martial arts with the helped of Ms. Paula; she tries to work with my family to make things worked out. I had so much fun during my taekwondo trainings, Master Daniel is so patient but firm and at the same time love to have fun, so for about a month I invited my friend to join taekwondo, and his name was Matthew. There are times that it is just me and him on the training mat laughing and giggling.  After about one year, Matthew quit taekwondo and did judo instead because he said that the Taekwondo studio is so far from his house. I felt alone and lonely and decided not to come in too. When I was a purple belt I started the advanced class, on my first advanced class I cried a few times. A few months after I got my green belt I stopped going to taekwondo for almost a year. My parents explained to me how valuable the skills I have learned from Taekwondo:  self-control, discipline, self-confidence and most importantly being able to defend myself when I need to. I did not understand the importance of those words back then, but I am so glad I listened, for I enjoyed the fruit of my labor now. When I was a blue belt I went to my very first international taekwondo tournament and got first place at poomse and second place at sparring. Finally, when I was a red three I went to my second international taekwondo tournament and got third place on poomse and third place at sparring. And now looking back at my journey I am proud to achieve the black belt level. For I believe this is just the beginning of my long journey of Taekwondo here at Mudo Martial Arts. I am very thankful for my parents for giving me this wonderful opportunity and never give up on pushing me, to Ms. Paula Lee who is always there, ready to answer questions when my parents are lost and confused, a huge thank you to my instructors; Master Steven, Master Joseph and Master Daniel for their unending support, endless effort and guidance for us all to be a better student and as a person as a whole, to  Master Parks for having this wonderful place Mudo Martial Arts that gives kids like me challenges to better prepare us for the future and an opportunity to be a better citizen.

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