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Our Hapkido program is crucial to those who are very serious on learning the concepts of real world self-defense. In this program students will learn how to utilize their body to create maximum power with minimum effort. Understanding the strengths and weakness of your own personal self and that of your opponent and being able to walk away from a dangerous situation in the safest way possible are some of the principles taught in Hapkido.

Brief History of Hapkido

Hapkido is a martial art of Korean origin. Its name means literally "The way of coordination and internal power." Hapkido is a complete martial art in that it consists of: dynamic striking and kicking techniques, very similar to Tae Kwon Do, both hard and soft style deflection techniques, throws, takedowns, ground-fighting, and extensive joint locking techniques. Hapkido is the combination of two Korean Martial Arts - Yool Sool which comes from the Japanese art known as Daito-Ryu Aiki-Jutsu and Tae Kyon which is an ancient Korean Kicking Skill that was widespread during the time of the Three Kingdoms. (More here)

Benefits of Hapkido

  1. Improving all aspects of physical fitness
  2. Understanding of the weak points of the human anatomy
  3. Creating maximum power will minimum effort
  4. Confidence in technique in order to utilize in real world
  5. Emotionally, physically, and mentally harmonize as one

Hapkido for children

Once a child student has reached a certain skill level and rank, the basics of Hapkido will be taught which includes all breakfalls, basic escapes and basic joint locks and throws. A small amount of Hapkido techniques are incorporated within our Taekwondo program, however after attaining a certain skill level, the student will be taught more in depth of Hapkido.

Be sure to check our class schedule to find a time that's right for you.