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Black Belt Journey

Joelle Tindal

My name is Joelle Tindal. I am 12 years old, a student at Mudo Martial Arts, and proud to have come as far as I have in Taekwondo.

      It all started when I was 9. My family and I were at a Karate studio to see if it was a good place for my younger brother. We had moved from Texas where Preston had done Kung Fu up to Washington State, and he was eager to begin doing martial arts again. But for me, this was something completely new. I had done ballet in Texas, so I had no interest in what my brother was doing at first. But as I was sitting in the studio with my mom and dad, the thought that changed my life came to me: "Why can't I do martial arts too?" After all, it looked like fun, and I wanted to try something new. And to be completely honest, the other thought in the back of my head was, "I'm going to get even better than Preston!"

      That night I spoke to my parents about it. I was surprised but glad to hear that my dad was going to take classes also. His thinking was that if my brother and I both did Karate with him, he would be more motivated. That day, my journey to black belt began.

      Not too soon after I became addicted. Learning new techniques, feeling the slap of a paddle beneath my foot, and being the girl at school who could take you down? It felt amazing. Although it was rough sometimes and I felt like just giving up and quitting, I kept on going with the help of my first instructor Mr. Holman and my dad.

      After a couple of years, I worked all the way up to green belt before we moved back to Texas. When I started at Mudo Martial Arts I was an Orange Stripe, and after four long years of hard work I now stand here at Red Three. I am here because I love Taekwondo. I love the sense of accomplishment you get when you break your board at testing. The excitement and energy of sparring. But most of all, the friends that I've made along the way.

       I want to thank a LOT of people. Mr. Holman, my first instructor, because without him I wouldn't have even started. My parents, who taught me not to give up so easily and to keep on moving forward. My Instructors Steven, Dylan, and Joseph, who've helped me learn so many new things. Finally, Instructor Daniel, who has taught me practically all I know along with so many important life lessons. To be strong, to respect the people around you, and to always try your best.

      I never want to quit now. I feel like this is where I belong. I can learn so much more and keep on improving myself. Black belt may feel like the end of my journey, but I know better. It's the beginning of a new one.


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