1225 Beltline Rd, Suite 11
Garland, TX 75040

(972) 675-9206

We will be Reopening on May 18th (Monday)

We will be Reopening on May 18th (Monday).

Please follow these rule as our priority is the students safety while we reopen.

1. If you are sick or are near someone is sick, please stay
2. No parents allowed inside of the building. (Please stay in
your car until your child dismissed from class).
3. All students mandatory to wear mask before entering the
4. All students will need to use hand sanitizer before they
step onto the mats as well as when they step off the mats.
(School will provide the hand sanitizer).
5. We will use 5 minutes in between classes to allow those
coming off the mats time to leave, the Instructors time to
wipe down everything, and then allow the next group into
the building.
6. Since class size will be smaller, we have assigned each
student to their class time and limited to attend twice a

Once we see Monday ~ Thursday class goes we will make an announcement about how we plan to do Friday & Saturdays.